Monday, January 5, 2009

What is Your Style?

Over the past semester I took a very interesting class that focused on different curriculum models within the physical education setting. This class not only provided me with an interesting insight into the variety of different curriculum ideas within physical education it also allowed me to assess my own teaching style as well as teaching goals I may have. By assessing my own teaching style I was able to identify effective curriculum model that can be beneficial to all students within the realm of physical education. During this class I was able to gain hands on experience with variety of curriculum models. While the hands on experience gained from this class was certainly valuable, the most crucial part of this class was being able to discuss, debate, and question the effectiveness of each model. These discussions proved to be extremely helpful in understanding the intricacies within each curriculum model.

Over the next couple of weeks I will discuss different curriculum models within physical education while adding my personal experience and interpretation. Through this blog I hope to share information that can be useful and informative in the field of physical education. The first curriculum model I will discuss today is the Skill Theme Model. This model from personal experience is extremely beneficial for elementary students. This Skill Theme Model is based on teaching students what the body is capable of doing, how the body can move, where the body can move, and the relationships that occur as a result of the body moving. By implementing this model the educator’s main objective is to teach students concepts such as special awareness, time, speed, force, pathways, and manipulation. By teaching students major concepts and principles such as these, it lays the foundation as students mature. This then allows students to have the tools to be physically active.

Personally, I find this model crucial to any elementary physical education curriculum. Through proper implementation, which in this model is based upon guided discovery, the skill theme approach is both activity and student centered. The skill theme model also taps into a student’s problem solving skills, imagination, and overall body awareness. For physical education at the elementary level to truly be effective, this model needs to be the backbone to any elementary physical education curriculum.

Here is a link to help further explain The Skill Theme Model

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